A key part of the solution to the housing crisis

National CLT Network

The National CLT Network is the official charity supporting Community Land Trusts in England and Wales.
Stewards Affordable Homes

Community Land Trusts (CLTs) are a form of community-led housing, set up and run by ordinary people to develop and manage homes as well as other assets important to that community, like community enterprises, food growing or workspaces.

CLTs act as long-term stewards of housing, ensuring that it remains genuinely affordable, based on what people actually earn in their area, not just for now but for every future occupier.

250,000 new homes needed 119,000 built last year

As a nation we are building less than half the homes we need just to keep up with the new households forming each year.

‘With less money in the government coffers, the CLT approach provides a way of communities delivering their own services, housing, pubs, community enterprises. I really think it’s the way of the future.’ David Graham, Chair, Lyvennet Community Trust.

Why CLTs

There is a long history of community ownership and management of housing and assets in this country. For example, the original Garden Cities had a community trust that owned and managed the assets on behalf of the community and some still do. .

The CLT model itself is an import from the United States, where CLTs are widely recognised as a method of delivering permanently affordable housing.

About KCLT

We are a not-for-profit community-based organisation run by volunteers that delivers housing and other community facilities at permanently affordable levels for local people.


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